Minutes for Better Work

Engaging Way to Motivated Employees

A system of minute long questionnaires guiding you step by step towards a more productive and enthusiastic workforce.

Krátké a zábavné Minuty pro lepší práci.

Quick and entertaining

It’s a miracle! We’ve created questionnaires that don’t annoy people. In fact, our users can’t wait for more. More…

V Minutách pro lepší práci odhalíme klíčové složky motivace.

Modern psychology

We will uncover key components of motivation – even those that people don’t know themselves. 95 % of motivation is decided upon in the subconscious. More…

V Minutách pro lepší práci máme české benchmarky pro stovky ukazatelů.

with others

We have Czech benchmarks for hundreds of classifications, including large and small businesses, offices and factories, and public and private sectors. More…

The profit and stability of your company is based on the motivation of your workforce

Companies that can excite their employees report to having 22 % more profitability and up to 65 % less staff turnover. Conversely, only 13 % of Czechs are enthusiastic about their work and 33% are very dissatisfied. Improving satisfaction by a quarter would bring the Czech economy up to CZK 200 billion a year.

Díky Minutám pro lepší práci víme, že motivace málo souvisí s platem a benefity.

Motivation is only partially driven by salary and benefits

Coffee makers, meal vouchers, and even monetary benefits do not make employees enthusiastic about their work. People often state that they want specific benefits, however long term motivation does not improve upon receiving these benefits.

Billions for those who really understand their staff

Motivation is strongly influenced by minor changes in attitude towards people. For example: a well-communicated company vision, sufficient information sharing, and building a sense of usefulness or clarity into your company with the goal of promoting people. We’ll find out what’s most needed for your business.

49 %

of Czechs return home after work exhausted.

Exhausted employees have 3 times lower internal motivation and are 4 times more frequently actively demotivated.

(research by Behavio)

23 %

of employees feel they have not recieved any praise for their work in recent weeks.

Direct superior praised only 47% of employees.

(research by Behavio)

15 %

of employees were praised by the company's management.

Praise from high level leadership is up to 3 times more effective in motivating workers than praise from a direct superior.

(research by Behavio)

70 %

of young people feel that their company does not benefit from their work.

The sense of adding cue is essential for inner motivation.

(research by Behavio)

47 %

of people feel that their salary is unfair.

The perception of fairness (more than a person’s actual wage) fundamentally influences a desire to stay or leave.

(research by Behavio)

52 %

of employees who do work they do not perceive as useful regularly count the hours until they finish.

This is compared with only 11 % of employees who feel their work is useful.

(research by Behavio)

80 % lidí chce Minuty pro lepší práci dostávat.

80 % of people want to receive Minutes

Minutes only take a minute! They are fun, diverse, associative, and full of images. There is no need for tiresome thinking. They are responsive to the answers: when a strong emotion or a problem is detected, it’s easy to ask for more details. We tested them on people of all ages, social groups, and employment types. The result: they would like to receive them in their work.

Minuty pro lepší práci zachytí i hlubší motivace.

Minutes capture even deeper motivations

Few employees report that their performance is lower because their boss has not praised them in recent weeks. Often, they don’t even know it themselves. We have measured hundreds of factors in all aspects of work from thousands of people and have sought hidden mental connections with mathematical algorithms. That is why we know what to ask in Minutes and how to attach weight to the answers. And yes- praise is essential.

Minuty pro lepší práci zachytí i hlubší motivace.
U stovek otázek z jednotlivých Minut pro lepší práci se můžete porovnat s českou konkurencí.

Results in context

With hundreds of questions from individual Minutes, you can compare your company with Czech competitors. We have benchmarks for large and small businesses, offices and factories, and public and private sectors. You can also compare individual teams or key employees with those that are more easily replaceable to focus on what is essential.

How does it work?

Just choose the steps that are helpful to you.

We will map out the situation

We’ll send your people a three-Minute introductory package by email. In it, we will map out key work-related emotions and associations relevant to your company. We will find out how many internally motivated people you have and how many might leave unexpectedly. We will find out what factors are making people stick with you, and what and the biggest problems are.

Where needed, we'll find out more

We do not overload people with unnecessary questions. When problems in specific areas or teams arise, we will provide additional detailed Minutes.

We have Minutes for all key areas, such as boss ratings, team performance, health and energy, career and personal development, and many more.

Get and test ideas for improvements

Did you discover that people in the team feel like they don’t have enough information? Would they appreciate regular lunches or something else? You can utilize the Minutes to record ideas for improvements or which out which suggestions employees respond most favourably to.

Keep track of improvements

Do the changes you make improve your employees’ emotions and motivation? Several times a year, we research and record developments in selected areas. Following this, we will map out any new problems emerging elsewhere in detail.

Jak fungují Minuty pro lepší práci?

More features and qualities


To ensure anonymity of employees, you will only receive data and information about teams/groups. This encourages employees to share sensitive data.


One email, one click, and you have begun. No registration is necessary. We’ve compared keywords and the text of the emails in dozens of variations for maximum clickthrough rates.


What creates the unique strength of your brand among employees and enthusiastic customers? Are you successful in building your brand? Minutes can be easily combined and linked to your customer data from Behavio’s research panel.


If you like more thorough feedback, you can also use Minutes as a continuous tool. In the Minute mobile app, people can send suggestions or report a problem at any time. You can send out urgent voting or key information. You get a clear emotional response, and thanks to mobile notifications, they don’t get lost in email stockpiles.

Minutes pay off

Even if we reveal only a single person who would otherwise leave the company.


CZK 78 000

2 000

CZK 115 000

over 2 000

Included in price:

1. Initial survey

  • Three questionnaires mapping the most important parameters (motivation, emotions, communication, relationship to corporate culture and brand, etc.)

  • We’ll find out what encourages employees to stay and what discourages them

2. Detailed researches

  • We will focus on the problematic areas identified in the initial research

  • Up to 8 follow-up questionnaires (e.g. boss evaluation, team/group functionality, health, career development)

For every research wave

  • Initial consultation, final results consultation and recommendations

  • Collaboration on reaching out to employees and engaging them in the research


  • Report and data interpretation in a clear presentation

  • Breakdown of data by teams/groups and comparison of results with similar companies in the Czech Republic (benchmark)

Prices are exclusive of VAT and we will be happy to specify them according to your business size.

From experts on subconscious motivations

We explore subconscious motivations. We have helped hundreds of clients with both marketing and HR. We are also behind the precise and detailed Mapping the Czech Electorate and helped with smart regulation of online gambling. On top of that we test how to get Czechs to pay for online media as part of a Google grant.

Are you interested?

Minute with Marek will make everything clear. Call him on +420 604 287 600 or send an e-mail to marek.nebesar@behaviolabs.com.